Membership requirements


Membership in Braithreachas MC is of four specific categories: Honorary, Associate, Prospect and Full Patch.

Below are basic membership requirements for each category.

Under unusual circumstances, exceptions to these requirements may be considered on an individual basis.

Honorary Members:

Honorary membership of BMCA is open to all motorcycle enthusiasts who agree to follow the biker’s creed and promote a positive impact to the lifestyle.

10% of the Club’s/Chapter’s membership can be honorary members.

Special honorary membership may be granted to an ordained member of a recognized religious order, for the position of Chapter Chaplain. This is limited to one (1) per chapter and will not affect the chapter's ten percent (10%) honorary limit.

Associate members:

Associate members fall into two categories - they are -

1. The spouse/significant other of a Full patch member.
2. The Reaper Crew.

The spouse/significant other must be nominated by that full patch member, there cannot be two for any member.

The spouse/significant other, wears a distinctive vest with a small one piece back patch and badges on the front.

The Reaper Crew are people who for one reason or another do not wish to wear a full patch, or do not fit the criteria to become a full patch member.

The Reaper Crew wear a vest with no back patch on it, but have a similar front to their vest to the full patch members but has Reaper Crew instead of Braithreachas MC.

An Associate must actively support their sponsor and the Braithreachas MC.

Prospective members (Prospect):

A Prospect is a person who wants to be more than an associate but is not yet a full patch member.

They must be a fully licensed rider who is actively involved in the club and has shown an interest in becoming a full patch member.

They must own, lease, or legally posses and operate a motorcycle.

Be able to attend chapter meetings and runs.

A prospect wears a vest with the bottom rocker and the MC badge on the back, the front is the same as a full members but it has "Prospect" in the place of the office bearers position.

Full patch membership:

Licensed rider who is actively involved in the club and has successfully undergone an appropriate prospective period and have a proven record of dedication to the chapter and the club.

They must own, lease, or legally posses and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or larger.

Be able to attend chapter meetings and runs.

The full member wears the vest as described in "Our Colours".

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